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Promoting Positivity Through The Media To The Masses

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Welcome To The SLP Shop

Getting dressed for church, taking the kids to school, or getting ready for the next date! Shows for all ages and interests, it's family business.

Family Friendly Show
Returning in September
Live Every Wednesday from 7am-11am

Hosted by Just Kay FR, we are breathing and meditating while having the difficult but NECESSARY conversations.

"We may not always agree but we will always end on a positive note" - Just Kay FR


SLP Radio is live every humpday, if you miss the 7am replays all week you can always catch it RIGHT HERE!


Join THOUSANDS of subscribers and tune in EVERY WEEK! EVERYONE who's movin' and shakin' in the "A" is coming to spill it!

From childhood trauma to your favorite moment with your dad and back into FIST FIGHTS on the playground... the conversations GET DEEP!

You never know where it'll go but Bugg gon GET THAT interview!

Listen live on Tuesday evenings and catch the REPLAY Wednesday at 7pm OR PLAY and REPLAY THEM RIGHT HERE!


Just Talkin' fr

A safe space for adults! From parenting to political climate. Kay is bringing out the community to JUST TALK FR!

Watch and listen here!

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Online radio promotion and ads

Hosting thousands of weekly guests

Video, Audio, and Podcast Production services



Focused on supporting our own, SLP features original music by our artists on all projects. Click the links underneath the artists to discover some you may have NOT heard!


We're already giving you radio, we're expanding the cast and getting VISUAL!

Support us by buying merch

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