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What would you do?

What would you do?

I can see one of my friendships ending but I don't want it to because I love sis!

So I poured out my heart and how I feel and left it at "after this I won't bother you about it I just want to get it out"

Her response was let's wait to talk in person We get in person & I ask "what were you gonna say"

She says "Why do you keep bringing it up if you said you wouldn't".....

That was all she had to say ..

what would you do?

At this point I feel like she confirmed what I already knew, that she doesn't care about the things that hurt me. She doesn't care to fix things if SHE is the problem

I feel like HER!

Like...why do I keep trying to save some shit & keep wasting my energy attempting to fix a draining relationship

But more than anything I feel pain, I'm hurting because this is someone I hold dear to me (obviously or I wouldn't care *snip snip hoe*😂✂️)

This is someone who i felt like I wanted in my life & it's SO HARD to understand how some could be so cold to someone who RIDES for them... idk family

What would you do??

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